Neo Young

Neo Young has been operating in the dance scene for more than 15 years now, as a dj, organiser and label manager. His raw and authentic style fits perfectly to please even the most worn out party-animals. This quality comes in handy while playing long after hour sets, switching mostly between minimal, techno and techhouse. It is in these late hours that he really gets his groove on, making sure everyone loses track of time and becomes sucked into the music the same way he is.

What's there to know?

Artist name:
Neo Young
Real name: Piter
Year of birth: 1977
Sound: From minimal and techno to tech-house.

Past gigs:

At various clubs in and outside the Netherlands.

Best gig experience:

Club M.I.K.Z., Berlin

Best Paradigm gig:
Paradigm Festival 2013

I get inspiration from:
"Too much to name, really..."

Favourite dj set-up:

At least an A&H Xone:92!

You can wake me up at night for:
"Nothing. Let me sleep."

Nobody knows that...:
"I have a birthmark on top of my head."

"Besides music? Movies and series."

First memory of and/or contact with music:
"I guess like most children, music was important to me. But when I was six I was on holiday in the US and heard Johnny Cash on the radio. I loved it! And still do."

After a few busy years with very little studio time, finally new stuff is coming up.

Get to know Neo Young a little better

What, to you, describes that typical Paradigm 'thing' or feeling?
In a few words: easy-going, togetherness, music, freedom.

What is your favourite place in or around the Paradigm location?
The dj booth at the glass building at sunrise.

What's the other thing that gives you the same kick of a packed club with people blowing their minds to your music?
A successful illegal rave.

What do you hope people experience when listening and dancing to your music?
Lots of energy.

Upcoming gigs

20-02-2016 Loodsrave, Paradigm, Groningen (NL)

11-03-2016 Broken Forms, Gruenspan, Hamburg (DE)

14-05-2016 Loodsrave Festival, Groningen (NL)