Malbetrieb, in real life known as Niels Schilder, is a DJ and producer based in the North of Holland. His work can be described as deep melodic house and techno with a progressive flair, sometimes melancholic, always on point and with a unique style of its own.

As one of the original founders of the Klopfgeist label and club Paradigm in Groningen (best underground club Benelux 2015/2016), Malbetrieb is partly responsible for the up and coming scene in that area. Pushing his musical tastes, the Klopfgeist label featured music from artists like Tale of Us, Darko Esser, Nuno dos Santos and Sigward, while his Paradigm residency (named ‘Parody’) featured artists like DJ Tennis, &Me and Mano le Tough to name just a few.

Malbetrieb’s first connection to electronic music was a cassette tape of The Prodigy, given to him by a cousin. A few months later The Orb performed live on Ray Cokes’ MTV show and it all made sense to him: turning moods into music.

His musical inspiration comes from early electronica, pop music and progressive house. Sasha, Aril Brikha, Nuno dos Santos, but also The Alan Parsons Project and The Prodigy were a huge influence on his musical taste, which you can still hear in his music today.

Starting off with a Soundcraft mixer, Korg MS20, 808 and a halting Siel synthesizer (all without MIDI) he began creating productions in his parents’ basement. It wasn’t until later in the 90’s - when computers and MIDI made their entry in home studios - he decided that trading-in the 808 for a Pentium 1 computer seemed like a very good decision. Now, his setup is fully back to analog again, eliminating the visual aspects of arranging and producing and letting the ears and the mind do their work.

Malbetrieb is an acclaimed producer, releasing music on labels such as Klopfgeist, SoHaSo, Chapter 24, Selador and Kontra-Musik (to name a few), His music has been supported by the likes of Patrice Baumel, Nuno dos Santos, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Eelke Kleijn, Robert Babicz, Frankey & Sandrino and many more. Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue) remixed the title track of his first album ‘Life in the Clouds’, and in return Malbetrieb remixed Sebastian’s ‘Movement’ that’s coming out on Kontra-Musik later this year, accompanied by Voices from the Lake and Abdullah Rashim.

His performance is always energetic, melody-driven and pushing towards euphoria. With way over ten years of experience he has a keen eye for his audience, and plays all his records with full passion, taking crowds on a journey through sound that they will remember.

What's there to know?
Artist name: Malbetrieb
Real name: Niels
Year of birth: 1980
Sound: Unusual, sexy, deep, electronic soul.

Past gigs: DGTL, Loveland, Chateau Techno, Plotzlich am Bodden, Pollerwiesen, Voltt, Awakenings

Best gig experience: Closing slot on Paradigm Festival 2015.

Best Paradigm gig:
Paradigm Festival 2015.

Everyday things, people, random music. 

Favourite dj set-up:
2 x CDJ2000 – A&H Xone

You can wake me up at night for:
A Sushi-studio-session.

Nobody knows that...:
My dog Harrie is the ghostproducer behind all my music.

My passion:
Since I do it everyday, I guess its going to the supermarket.

First memory of and/or contact with music:
"My whole childhood was influenced by the jukebox and the amazing sound system at home, which belonged to my dad. Sorry paps for ruining it at the end... I can remember playing the first records I bought on them. It wasn't until I saw The Orb performing live on Ray Cokes' MTV show that made me realize what I wanted to do in life: turn my moods into music."

New music coming up on Sohaso soon!

Get to know Malbetrieb a little better
What, to you, describes that typical Paradigm 'thing' or feeling?

To me, Paradigm represents a unique feeling of being free. Here you can be who you want to be. Besides that, it's a place where everybody who wants to, can contribute to the event. From graffiti artists, the great dancers and photographers to the bar people. Everyone has the urge and drive to please the audience and let them experience something different, something unique. To me Paradigm is like coming home. I love that DJ booth. 


Upcoming gigs

13-01-2017, Eurosonic, Paradigm, Groningen (NL)

27-01-2017, NGHTDVSN, Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)

29-01-2017, Sunday Afternoon Collective, Paradigm, Groningen (NL)

17-02-2017, komm Schon Alter, Warehouse Elementenstraat, Amsterdam (NL)

08-04-2017, &Me/ &Malbetrieb, Basis, Utrecht (NL)