Camiel Daamen

What's there to know?

Artist Name: Camiel Daamen
Real Name: Camiel
Year of Birth: 1982
Sound: House & Techno 

Past gigs:

Katerholzig (berlin), Zoo Project (Ibiza), Reinike Fuchs (Cologne), Public Life, Keep On Going, Brixton Clubhouse (London), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Paradigm (Gronigen) 

Best gig experience:
So many amazing parties ;) I can’t choose.. 

I get inspired by all kinds of music for classical music to jazz, singer songwriters and of course house and techno. But of course life itself inspires me a lot meaning people, experiences and events.  

Favourite DJ-setup:
2x cdj 2000 & Allen & Heath mixer and possibly some extra fx or tools to play with during a set.  

You can wake me up at night for:
A good reason  Nobody knows that… : I don’t even know myself 

My Passion:
Making music, meeting people and enjoying life.  

First memory of contact with music:
My mom always played music in the house and I was always behind the computer playing games and listening to the music with my mom. Sometimes we’d record songs we heard on the radio on tape so I could play it back myself.  

Always making music and developing as human being and artist to make life interesting. All driven by passion for music, people and life.   What, to you, describes that typical Paradigm ‘thing’ or feeling?  Paradigm breaks all paradigms for me. When I’m there I feel at home, surrounded by lovely people and good music. It’s the perfect location for creativity, electronic music and lots of fun. 

Upcoming gigs

14-05-2016 Loodsrave Festival, Suiker Unie, Groningen (NL)

14-08-2016 Paradigm Festival, Suiker Unie, Groningen (NL)

20-08-2016 Pathfinder, Zutphen (NL)